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Code: SEP212012
Expected Cover Price: $10.95

Publisher: EigoMANGA

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Artist: Sheng, Chang

Cover Artist: Sheng, Chang

Genre: Fantasy

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21st September 2021

A beautiful queen rules her country with an iron fist. Unmarried and without an heir, she adopts orphans as a way to prove that even commoners can reign as kings. Yet, as the years progress, she shows no sign of aging. Only one man knows the dark secret to her eternal youth: Oldman, a bearded magician the queen has locked in her darkest dungeon. One night, Oldman steps through the bars of his prison and disappears before the queen's very eyes. Enraged, she sends her army after him in a desperate campaign to keep her secret hidden. Having tricked the guards (and not actually having left the dungeon), he rescues a neighboring prisoner, a sword maiden rebel whose arms and legs were amputated, and left to rot in her cell. Upon taking her to an underground 'doctor' who fits her with mechanical arms and legs, they together vow to take revenge on the Queen that wronged them. The beautiful artwork and elegant story-making of Chang-Sheng's Oldman propelled it into award-winning national fame; now, this iconic comic is ready for the global audience it deserves.

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