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Code: SEP211957
Expected Cover Price: $12.99

Publisher: VIZ LLC

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Artist: Itagaki, Paru

Genre: Drama

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21st September 2021

Guess who's coming to dinner? Every rabbit parent wants their daughter to date a wolf, right? Meanwhile, Beastar horse Yahya hires gray wolf Legoshi to help him apprehend a mixed-species felon, but Legoshi is a sucker for a sob story. At college, red deer Louis's status has fallen from the most popular student at school to the different one with the dark past. The temptation to reclaim his status as leader of the Shishi-gumi lion gang is strong...especially when he meets the beast who replaced him. Plus, more of the tragic life of Legoshi's mother. For older teen audiences.

This item is intended for Mature Persons only, and is not suitable for younger readers

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