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Expected Cover Price: $15.99

Publisher: REBELLION / 2000AD

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Artist: Culbard, I.N.J.

Cover Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.

Genre: Science Fiction

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28th November 2021

The entire planet of Mercury seems to have vanished and a video clip is implicated in what looks like a mass-kill... as always on the brink of existence, truth may be stranger than fiction. In the late 21st century, after humanity has left the Earth it poisoned and now huddles in deep-space Habitats, life on these cramped, overcrowded stations is tense, with many spilling over into madness. HSD cop Bridget Kurtis has investigated cults and murders that have driven her to the very edge, but now she must stop the spread of a viral video clip which sends viewers insane.

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