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Code: SEP211408
Expected Cover Price: $33.00

Publisher: CENTRALA

Expected Release Date:

Artist: Puyol, Sergi

Cover Artist: Bruce Mutard

Genre: Reality-Based

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21st September 2021

Strange Blood is both a mystery thriller and psychological exploration of what triggers obsession inside the human mind. What exactly does stranger blood stand for? Arnaldo's life is filled with a pneumatic void. He can't stand Fridays, can't stand working, he can't stand, in general, his sorry postmodern existence. Until one day something random happens. Against his will, his spirit is shaken to the core leading him into an all-consuming obsession. He goes on a compulsive hunt to find answers, and his search will lead him through Russian novels, gallons of beer and into metaphysical questions to finally realize one can escape any place on earth except his mind.

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