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Code: SEP201368
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Publisher: ONI PRESS INC.

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Artist: Cannon, Zander

Cover Artist: Cannon, Zander

Genre: Science Fiction

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19th October 2020

As his capital murder trial picks back up, the legendary gangster Pikadon takes the stand to recount the events outside local nightclub The Gym that fateful evening. Prison administrator Nobuko Matsumoto and a disgraced former colleague are called to answer for covering up a 50-year-old crime, and peaceful old inmate Sharkmon goes to solitary for murdering his only friend, leaving his pets to the mercy of the guards. Also: Squalicide! A weakened first law of robotics! Memories of servitude! And? prison escape via auto-damnation?

This item is intended for Mature Persons only, and is not suitable for younger readers

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