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Code: SEP200999
Expected Cover Price: $3.50

Publisher: ACME INK

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Artist: Galicia, Jo

Cover Artist: Robinson, Alan

Genre: Western

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2nd October 2020

Another tense evening at the Wickett place. Billie (Billie Jean McCarty) and her mother await as they have so many times before, Sheriff Bob Wickett (Billie's abusive stepfather) returning before starting their dinner. This evening, Bob's abuse takes an unexpected turn resulting in his being shot by Billie. Catherine (McCarty) Wickett (Billie's mom) sends Billie packing for her own safety. On the run Billie meets up with an old outlaw (Pat Hill). Pat teaches Billie to survive while on the run from the law, how to blend. Blend she did. Exit Billie Jean McCarty, enter Billy the Kid!

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