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Code: OCT211200
Expected Cover Price: $3.99

Publisher: ASPEN MLT INC

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Artist: Roslan, Andrew

Cover Artist: Konat, Alex

Genre: Fantasy

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28th November 2021

Aspen Comics' largest and most ambitious release of 2021 is now available in two action-packed chapters! Aspen Matthews was born of two worlds-The OCEAN and LAND. Now, deeper within the confines of The Earth-a new threat has risen, one that will reclaim the eco-system for those of much more powerful descent. Following their quick dispatch at the hands of the newest threat to the Fathom Universe, Aspen Matthews and Doc Blue must re-group and figure out a new way to confront this God-level threat. However, the pair discovers that only two of them are not enough to save the world-and the Blue and Humans must combine forces in order to save the threat of existence for both civilizations. The largest event in Fathom's history culminates right here! Featuring covers by Michael Turner, Alex Konat, and Sanju Nivangune, this is THE biggest Fathom direct market launch of 2021!

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