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Artist: Sim, Dave

Cover Artist: Hobbs, Benjamin

Genre: Humor/Comedy

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30th October 2020

Finally! Aardvark-Vanaheim parodies a comic LESS than a year after it comes out! (of course, this means we have no idea what, specifically, we're making fun of?) SEE! Hermann, the modern-day Ayn Rand enthusiast and bovine-flesh-covered Aardvark! WITNESS! the pulse-pounding first appearance of the Bronze Age Hermann: Mr. H! PONDER! how a Bronze Age character can first appear in 2020! MARVEL! at Hermann working from home as a stock boy! BE AMAZED! as he slowly re-enters society?peeping though his neighbours' windows! THE EXCITEMENT BUILDS! as Kevin Eastman's Lucky Frank Miller Wall returns! WATCH! as The WatchVark takes a solemn vow to observe the activities of man and never interfere! BE PUZZLED! by the immediate breaking of that oath! ALSO! Covid-19 gets a pep talk!

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