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Code: NOV210772
Expected Cover Price: $17.99

Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS

Expected Release Date:

Artist: Simeone, Stefano

Cover Artist: Corona, Jorge

Genre: Action/Adventure

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6th March 2022

* Rising stars Matthew Erman (Power Rangers: Sins of the Future) and Stefano Simeone (Mega Man: Fully Charged) introduce a world where Luck is measurable and has tangible effects on reality. * Artie, Cherry, Hilde, and Joseph are The Unfortunates, a group of teens with absolutely no Luck who are part of a government program dedicated to understanding and controlling Luck. * The world changed with the discovery of the Constellations - mysterious beings who can seemingly control the very nature of Luck and its cosmic, probability-warping effects. * The Unfortunates must travel to the Kismet Zone created by the Constellations to understand the true nature of Luck and find a way to get the world back in order. Of course, with zero luck, the odds aren't exactly in their favor. * Collects Good Luck #1-5.

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