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Code: NOV200883
Expected Cover Price: $4.99

Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS

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Artist: Bak, Pius

Cover Artist: Bengal,

Genre: Science Fiction

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21st December 2020

* New Characters! New Enemies! The BRAND NEW VERSE ers starts here! * For the FIRST TIME EVER, it's the most-demanded Firefly story ever, as the series jumps forward in time after the battle with the Reavers that left Wash & Book dead. * Mal and the new crew of Serenity set a course for the EARTH THAT WAS! * That's right, fans will see what's happened to Earth for the first time in Firefly history - and that means all the rules are going out the window, in ways even Mal can't imagine? * A Perfect Jumping-On Point For New Fans!

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