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Publisher: PS ARTBOOKS

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Artist: Miralles, Josep Maria

Genre: Horror

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24th May 2022

Skywald's Scream #2 October 1973 is a black-and-white comic magazine absolutely packed full of horror and suspense. Featuring Lady Satan, this is her macabre origin issue. Within one body lived one Anne, innocent and good, and another Anne, the evil "Black Witch of Salem." Together: they were "Lady Satan," each constantly struggling with the other for complete control over their shared body created by Al Hewetson and penciled by Ricardo Villamonte. This issue also features "The Thing in the Black Dress" by Al Hewetson and penciled by Suso and "The Vampire Letters" by Al Hewetson and penciled by Emilio Bernado, one set of fearsome females! And all reproduced here completely like the original comic magazine. Don't hang around, these horrors will be gone by sunrise!

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