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Code: MAY221298
Expected Cover Price: $18.99

Publisher: BLISS ON TAP

Expected Release Date:

Artist: Cormack, Alex

Cover Artist: Cormack, Alex

Genre: Humor/Comedy

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24th May 2022

Can you smell that? Wafting into comic book stores this July, the mildly anticipated Super-Jumbo Sized Edition of Weed Magic . Rejoin our heroes Moe, Bunny, and Senator Dimples as they continue to test the boundaries of their unexplained magical superpowers. Will they smoke for the greater good or will they be tempted into a life of sloth, sexual depravity and snack foods? Weed Magic is back and it's danker and stonier than ever, including 20 never before published story pages, tons of new art and a few surprises. Can't remember where you stashed issues 1-4? We got you. The Super-Jumbo Sized Edition includes all four issues in one easier to hold large edition.

This item is intended for Mature Persons only, and is not suitable for younger readers

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