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Artist: Various,

Cover Artist: MitsuBlinger,

Genre: Action/Adventure

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24th May 2022

"The Adventures of Lenifille" (Kazuaki Ishida): Kyle and Lenifille make short work of a band of orcs, but then must face the beats in their mountain lair to save a village's kidnapped maidens.  "Foxy and Wolfy" (Kitsune Windsor, MitsuBlinger and Ana Kris):  Misaki and her friends begin their training in the demon world, with the promise of new friendships and magical adventure.  "Fluffy: Fluff's Fury" (Johnny Segura, Matt Chambers): The mysterious Izora moves to confront General Eavheal, so he sends his elite forces to stop her.  Can she hold her own against elite killers?

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