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Artist: VARIOUS,

Cover Artist: Scott, Clint

Genre: Superhero

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24th May 2022

"Fallen Justice" (Cary Kelley, Steven Forbes, Harold Edge): Justice Theta, once Earth's greatest hero, has declared war on every villain alive, and the only way to stop him is to set aside old grudges and work together!  But will it be enough?  "They Call Him Marvelous" (Jamaal Simpson, David Jaxon): Malcolm experiences a life-changing event, but before he can collect himself, a livid Clyde sets out to give him a life-ENDING event.  "XOB" (Kyrun Silva, David Jaxon):  Granted the powers of the ancient force of nature known as XOB, Tracy must stop the demon hordes of Lord Eklips from draining all humans' spiritual energy.   "Nothing-Man" (John Rhodes, Laurie Foster): With Diana and Firecracker still in the hands of Supremous and his evil Hyprids, Zane realizes he needs the help of the Freedom Strike Force.

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