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Artist: Kivela, Sami

Cover Artist: Kivela, Sami

Genre: Action/Adventure

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20th June 2021

Van and Eight have stepped back into the bustle of the Precinct to discover her son is still alive, there's an epic war between the Bloom and the Warlords bubbling over, and time has become a little fluid since she went out to live on the ice. She needs a whole mess of answers, so she goes to the one person she thinks might be able to help...her mother. Join us for a tale of echoes through time we could only call 'Bootleg Fidelity' as two key characters meet untimely deaths! Ryan K Lindsay, award-winning writer of ETERNAL and NEGATIVE SPACE, teams again with Sami Kivel?, the artistic juggernaut behind ABBOTT and UNDONE BY BLOOD, alongside Lauren Affe, the colourist of THE WITCHER, STRANGER THINGS, and FIVE GHOSTS, as they drop an absolute bomb of sci fi insanity and heartbreaking emotion in the grandest Black Mask tradition.

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