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Artist: Latina, Riccardo

Cover Artist: Clarke, Andy

Genre: Action/Adventure

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27th June 2021

D'Artagnan must gather the greatest 'swords' of his day if he has any chance of stopping the devilish machinations of Cardinal Richelieu. Unfortunately, that's proving easier said than done? One of the Seven Swords is his old rival with the prominent proboscis, Cyrano de Bergerac, who not only has a rapier wit, but also a literal rapier?which he's been using to fight an on-again, off-again duel with D'Artagnan for years. That's not even mentioning La Maupin, a sword-mistress who is quite literally a diva?of the operatic variety. Or Don Juan?whose 'under cover' proclivities nearly doom the mission before it even begins? Buckle your swashes, Issue #2 of SEVEN SWORDS is going to be a bumpy ride!

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