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Publisher: IDW - TOP SHELF

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Artist: Cavia, Juan

Cover Artist: Cavia, Juan

Genre: Drama

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15th August 2021

A young journalist prompts a reclusive piano superstar to open up, resulting in this stunning graphic sonata exploring a lifetime of rivalry, regret, and redemption. 1933. In the small French village of Cressy-la-Valoise, a local piano contest brings together two brilliant young players: Julien Dubois, the privileged heir of a wealthy family, and Fran?ois Samson, the janitor's son. One wins, one loses, and both are changed forever. 1997. In a huge mansion stained with cigarette smoke and memories, a bitter old man is shaken by the unexpected visit of an interviewer. Somewhere between reality and fantasy, Julien composes, like in a musical score, a complex and moving story about the cost of success, rivalry, redemption, and flying pianos. When all is said and done, did anyone ever truly win? And is there any music left to play? Features: -sweeping, ambitious storytelling that spans seven decades, from the German occupation of France through the wild 1960s to the modern era -exquisitely dynamic artwork, bursting with life and perfectly suited to the unique and slightly off-kilter story -Equally appealing to classical piano lovers and fans of sprawling literary/historical fiction Praise for the creators: 'Filipe Melo and Juan Cavia form what is probably the most talented and productive duo in the recent Portuguese graphic novel scene.' -- Jos? M?rio Silva, Expresso

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