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Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: The Usual Gang Of Idiots

Cover Artist: The Usual Gang Of Idiots

Genre: Superhero

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19th June 2021

Don?t throw in the towel?we?re bringing you our A game! (as in ALFRED E. NEUMAN!) For MAD #21, the Usual Gang of Idiots overcame a ton of adversity and charged through the archive to round up so many athletic-supportive MAD classics it could fill Fenway Park! Score big with hit parodies like the Karocky Kid, All the Right Movements, and Raving Bully. Sergio Aragon?s takes a MAD Look at Baseball AND Basketball. Dave Berg hits a home run with the best of?the Lighter Side of Sports. Even team Black Spy and Team White Spy get into the game! And finally, slide into first with a winning new Fold-In?by writer/artist Johnny Sampson. It?s time to take one for the team?heck, why just one? Take fifteen copies, so they don?t have to share!

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