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Code: MAR219325
Expected Cover Price: $4.99

Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: Andy MacDonald, Paulina Ganuc

Cover Artist: Travis Moore

Genre: Superhero

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19th June 2021

Welcome to the Graveyard of Gods, Wonder Woman?the Keeper of the Grounds anticipates your arrival! Many enter these hallowed grounds of the DCU, but none return to the world of the living. So how is Diana supposed to save herself, let alone a whole pantheon of gods? With her weapons rendered useless, she?ll have to find the key to victory within! Plus, in a seemingly happier time, Young Diana emerges from her readings just in time to discover that Clio has been possessed by the very texts they wished to save! How could the pursuit of knowledge become something so twisted? Find out as our young hero battles for her life against her former teacher!

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