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Code: MAR219254
Expected Cover Price: $3.99

Publisher: DC COMICS

Expected Release Date:

Artist: Alex Maleev

Cover Artist: Alex Maleev

Genre: Superhero

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30th June 2021

The heroes network?the secret technology that connects the Batcave, the Hall of Justice, and Superman?s Fortress of Solitude?holds all the secrets of the DC Universe. The growing evil called Leviathan is trying to get it?and Checkmate are the only people standing in the way. All this and Leviathan versus Talia al Ghul in a fight to the finish, not to mention someone has kidnapped Lois Lane! And you never, ever, ever kidnap Lois Lane. Plus: Who is the Daemon Rose? From the Eisner Award-winning team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, this all-new story ties directly into the events of Justice League!

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