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Artist: Talajic, Dakbor

Cover Artist: Talajic, Dakbor

Genre: Horror

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10th April 2021

Tattoo artist Niles lives his life in a kind of daze. Minute after minute, he muddles through the repetitive moments of his job, his life and his guilt. All that changes when Eden walks through the doors of the tattoo shop. She's looking for something...different...and she finds it with Niles. But Eden is a woman surrounded by deep mysteries...not the least of which is how and why her new tattoos vanish after only a few days. As Niles learns more about Eden, he is driven to fathomless depths of both love and horror. A prestige format 'One-Shock' featuring top creative talent, EDEN is a harrowing hor-ror/romance conceived and written by Cullen Bunn (PIECEMEAL, DARK ARK, KNIGHTS TEM-PORAL, BROTHERS DRACUL), drawn by Dalibor Talaji? (WITCH HAMMER, RELAY) and colored by Valentina Bri?ki. Be prepared to accompany the notions of love, creation and heartbreak to terrifying places.

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