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Code: JUN223469
Expected Cover Price: $9.99

Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: Andie Tong

Cover Artist: Andie Tong

Genre: Other

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16th July 2022

It?s only been a few months since Green Lantern Tai Pham inherited his ring from his ba and defeated his nemesis, Xander Griffin. But Tai knows their last battle was only the beginning, and even though no one believes him, Tai is determined to prove that Xander is up to his old tricks again. When a string of fires starts popping up around Coast City, Tai finds himself stretched thin as he struggles to keep up with school, training, working at the store, and following Xander?s trail. That is, until a new hero, Kid Flash, shows up on the scene with an offer to help. Can the heroes find the arsonist before it?s too late?

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