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Code: JUN210472
Expected Cover Price: $24.99

Publisher: IDW - TOP SHELF

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Artist: Richey, Ellinor

Cover Artist: Richey, Ellinor

Genre: Fantasy

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19th September 2021

What she once possessed? now threatens to possess her. Sweden's Ellinor Richey's debut graphic novel is an epic quest for the things left behind, with icy-cool artwork and astonishing sci-fi settings. What happens when our most precious belongings... no longer belong? When something we loved suddenly becomes junk, a powerful energy is unleashed. One night, ice-skating prodigy Florence Sato is overwhelmed by pressure and throws away her skates. This fateful moment accidentally summons a 'junkwraith,' a terrifying ghost which seeks revenge for its abandonment by attacking the memories of its former owner. Before she forgets who she is, and to find out who she really wants to be, Florence must set off (with her trusty digital assistant Frank) on a long journey into the Wastelands to put to rest the monster she created. --Ambitious debut from a tremendously talented young artist (under 30). --Perfect for fans of Adventure Time, Over the Garden Wall, and Steven Universe, with a combination of raw emotions, deep implications, and outlandish sci-fi creativity (including the cutest electronic sidekick/pet since BB-8!) --Richey has built up an audience for Junkwraith as a serialized webcomic on Webtoon and Tapas.

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