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Code: JUL219028
Expected Cover Price: $5.99

Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: David Lapham

Cover Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic

Genre: Superhero

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6th November 2021

"We don?t choose who we save, Bruce. You treat the patient who needs your help."?Thomas Wayne "Shadows of the Bat" begins here! In the prelude to January?s epic new Detective Comics event, Mayor Nakano has signed off on the construction of a new Arkham Tower in the heart of Gotham City, and the Bat-Family is torn. Batman has long seen Arkham as a necessary, if flawed, cog in the gears of Gotham City?a temporary solution to larger problems that in many ways mirrors his approach as Batman. Nightwing, however, who grew up watching Arkham mutate into a villain factory, believes a different approach is needed. But Bruce and Dick will need to see eye to eye on more than just Arkham Tower, as a new villain known as THE MAEGER MAN wreaks havoc in the streets and becomes the embodiment of Gotham?s broken system!

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