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Publisher: TOKYOPOP

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Artist: Muell, Jason

Genre: Fantasy

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27th July 2021

Opening the bridge between Auradon and the Isle was the easy part - bringing two disparate cultures together will be the real challenge that Mal must face. Realizing that she needs help, Mal brings on as consuls the two people who best personify their respective homes: Audrey for Auradon and Uma for the Isle of the Lost. They're charged with helping Mal introduce their own cultures to a whole new audience? but how? As far as Mal sees it, they can only really truly understand the issues that the people of Auradon and the Isle of the Lost will face by first experiencing it for themselves, which means that Audrey will need to live a day in Uma's life on the Isle and Uma in Audrey's shoes in Auradon. This experience - full of embarrassing missteps and unexpected situations - opens up Audrey and Uma's eyes to just how inattentive they'd been to the challenges faced by those who'd grown up elsewhere and inspires them to join forces with Mal to find a better solution to truly integrate their cultures.

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