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Code: JUL211799
Expected Cover Price: $19.99

Publisher: NBM

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Artist: Blain, Christophe

Cover Artist: Blain, Christophe

Genre: Horror

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27th July 2021

DUNGEON IS BACK! With all-new stories coming in November, here are omnibus collections of the first volumes. In the sprawling world of Dungeon, the Early Years subseries relates the origins of it. In this first story, you will see the Keeper barely an adult leaving his family to go find fortune in a time of chaos and dark-ness... Fun, adventure, suspense and... wry satire. Hyacinthe, Dungeon Keeper to be, continues to render justice in a cloak nightly as The Night Shirt and stumbles upon the one he pines for, Alexandra, an assas-sin, about to be raped! After his valiant and heroic rescue, his wettest dreams come true? with dire con-sequences. In the second story which happens quite a few years later, he's married and a poor husband, worse even, a poor lover, until Alexandra plots to gain him back. Cloak and dagger with romantic bravu-ra! And you thought he didn't have it in him. Art by Eisner nominated Blain (Gus) and story by legend-ary Trondheim and Eisner nominated Sfar (Rabbi's Cat).

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