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Artist: VARIOUS,

Cover Artist: Edge, Harold

Genre: Superhero

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27th July 2021

A five-alarm fire of thrills this issue! A half-amnesiac hero continues to seek his place in the modern world in 'Nature Man' by Dan Sehn and Zilson Costa. John and Diana continue to elude the Coalition in 'NothingMan' by N.S. Kane and John Rhodes. Young Hiro Tokunaka deals is still struggling with life at a new school and hiding his one-ton secret in Dan Sehn and Alexandre Coelho's 'Sumo Boy', and the mightiest being on Earth continues to confront impending death in 'Fallen Justice' by Cary Kelley, Steven Forbes and Harold Edge. All this plus the one heroine's high-speed pursuit of the criminal underbelly in Hannu Kesola and Harri Honkala's 'Jet Girl'! Buckle your seatbelt!

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