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Publisher: IDW - TOP SHELF

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Artist: Lenoir, Axelle

Genre: Fantasy

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17th October 2021

Ever since my cosmic twin disappeared, nothing makes sense anymore. Friends, work, life-well, you get the picture. For all of five minutes I thought therapy might be the answer. But then I remembered: I'm a cartoonist. Why waste a skilled professional's time when I could just spend 10 years of my life making an autobiographical comic and call it a 'voyage of self-discovery'? So here it is: the opening chapter of my life. It's 1985 in a small Quebec town called Notre-Dame du Lac. We're going to get to know a little girl who enjoys chatting with the forest (that's me!), a younger brother with demonic tendencies, a tyrannical older brother, and two marvelous parents who may or may not be aliens. And please, PLEASE, take my advice, dear reader. If you ever find yourself in the midst of an existential crisis, don't make a comic about it. See a therapist instead. Much love!

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