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Expected Cover Price: $4.99

Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: Travis Moore, Paulina Ganuche

Cover Artist: Travis Moore

Genre: Superhero

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17th April 2021

Wonder Woman may have outsmarted the beasts of Asgard for now, but nothing has prepared her for what?s to come. Diana?s darkest self has emerged as a new opponent, and she?ll need help from an unexpected ally whose connection to thunder has inspired many a tale: Thor! Can this god-and-demi-goddess duo find out what has disturbed the balance of things? Or are they doomed to leave everything, including their lives, on the battlefield? Find out as this Norse narrative continues! And in the backup story taking place during the younger days of our hero, Diana must dive deep into the depths of Themyscira?s oceans to learn more about the mysterious manuscripts left to her. Little does she know, what lies beneath has many teeth and is dying to meet her. Beware the mighty megalodons and their appetites!

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