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Code: JAN217071
Expected Cover Price: $2.99

Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: Walter Carzon

Cover Artist: Walter Carzon

Genre: Superhero

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27th January 2021

Slightly used cockatoos? Freeze-dried pants? Whatever you want (or even don?t want), Acme?s relentless door-to-door salesman, Daffy Duck, has it?and he won?t get out of your living room until you buy a dozen. Not even if you?re Marvin the Martian and your living room is orbiting the Earth in a flying saucer. How can Marvin get on with his invasion plans when neither ray guns nor an instant alien army (just add water) can put the brakes on Daffy?s nonstop hard sell? If Marvin can?t find any other way out, he might even have to resort to (gasp!) buying something!

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