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Code: JAN211457
Expected Cover Price: $14.99

Publisher: ONI PRESS INC.

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Artist: Naifeh, Ted

Genre: Fantasy

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26th April 2021

Will Crumrin needs help adapting to the mortal world after spending a hundred years in the realm of faeries, so his big sister Courtney makes him a glamor charm to ensure he will be loved by everyone in his new life. Eventually, Will finds his endless popularity more a prison than a plus when his friends' affections turn to infighting and Courtney turns to other magic to save him. But her use of magic draws the attention of Emil Gorka, an ancient vampire disguised as the most powerful corporate CEO in town. Now it's Will who must create magic of his own to fight for his sister's life and save her from eternal servitude and the unquenchable hunger of an undead monster.

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