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Artist: VARIOUS,

Cover Artist: FooRay,

Genre: Superhero

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5th February 2021

Revel in all-new MONTHLY thrills and adventure in Antarctic's Exciting! Dan Sehn and Eduardo Vienna take us out of the frying pan and onto the lab table in the continued origin of comics' weirdest new hero! Can Weirdo stop the zombie horde? Wait... what?! Back in 'Big House Blues', Dan Sehn and Elton Thomas give us a peek into the conversations of the super-powered correction officers and a trip to the super-villain prison yard with our tour guide, the Warqupine! And a new villain named Headhunter is after Catman. Can his daughter, Katie, recover in time in order to save him? Find out in 'Cat Girl' by Ben Dunn, David Furr and Jane Wen!

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