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Code: JAN200589
Expected Cover Price: $3.99

Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: Raynor, Max

Cover Artist: March, Guillem

Genre: Superhero

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2nd March 2020

Just when she thought her troubles were over, Wonder Woman is thrust into a new adventure that takes her out of this world! Princess Maxima, the former ruler of the planet Almerac, has crash-landed on our hero's doorstep and is desperate for her help. Maxima's people are victims of a vicious lie, and only the truth she's discovered will set them free. With Wonder Woman by her side, can she retake her throne and bring back the planet's peaceful matriarchal society? Back on Earth, there is no peace?only Warmaster! The vengeful villainess has obtained a weapon of mass destruction that can wipe out the Amazons for good!

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