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Code: FEB211737
Expected Cover Price: $12.99

Publisher: VIZ LLC

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Artist: Kaito,

Genre: Romance

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5th March 2021

An unexpected love quadrangle with a dash of unrequited love as two classmates, a boy and a girl, begin to fall for each other when each of their best friends have already fallen for them. Love is already hard enough, but it becomes an unnavigable maze for unassuming high school student Taichi Ichinose and his shy classmate Futaba Kuze when they begin to fall for each other after their same-sex best friends have already fallen for them. Rumors spread like wildfire after Toma's shocking confession during the culture festival, and Taichi feels confused and uncertain. The others in their circle are soon affected as well. Meanwhile, Toma's brother Seiya sits him down for a frank talk. All the thoughts and emotions everyone has kept hidden are finally coming to light, and relationships begin to change.

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