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16th January 2022

In this issue of CARtoons, we are focusing on your favorite types of Hobbies from toy cars, slow cars, model kits to remote control cars etc! A new George Trosley 'Krass & Bernie' cover + any special guests to be announced if any. You will not be disappointed as each issue of CARtoons becomes the new favorite to our readers around the world. Expect fresh new stories of Krass & Bernie, FNA Adventures, Nutz & Bolts, Plus So Much More! Tons of comic strip entertainment by CARtoons top artists such as, George Trosley, Steve Austin, John Deaton, Thomas Estrada, Drag Daddy, Jeff Slemons, Larry Williams, Mike Yapps, Marcus Mitchell, Chuck Carson, Joseph Krejci, Matt Smith & More! Plus our seventeenth 'CARtist Spotlight' with a surprise artist who's father is a rock-n-roll legend!! Get to know this artist on a personal level. Come join the fun with 64 Pages of pure automotive family friendly humor. If you love 'CARS' & 'COMICS', you will love 'CARtoons Magazine'

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