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Artist: Dupille, Natalie

Genre: Reality-Based

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30th January 2022

After an exhausting two years, it's time to rebuild. Cultural, political, and environmental crises have exposed the cracks in our food system. Small restaurants are forced to pivot again and again as they try to survive, and the people who feed us-whether they work in grocery stores, farms and fields, or our neighborhood coffee shop-struggle for protections and fair pay while being called 'essential.' How can we reclaim our kitchens and make nourishing food accessible to all? Inspiring without being saccharine, one feature article introduces Lane Selman-founder of the Culinary Breeding Network-who unveils the mysterious process behind developing plants that thrive in increasingly tough environmental conditions and taste great, all the while battling Big Ag. Another invites us onto Paiute land to meet Indigenous farmer Upingakraq Spring Alaska Schreiner, and to learn how she supports communities through the Central Oregon Seed Exchange, the Northwest Tribal Seed Bank, and her crops of Native foods, botanicals, produce, and herbs.

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