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Artist: Bellamy, Frank

Genre: Reference/Art Books/How To

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23rd January 2022

Frank Bellamy is an artist whose work reflects much of the century that he inhabited. Born a year before the end of the First World War, his art documented an age of conflict, exploration, technological advancement, social change and an age which could envisage worlds as yet undiscovered as well as worlds long departed deep beneath the sands of time. His story follows the course of many of his contemporaries, a driven determination to secure a living as a illustrator, bolstered by sporadic exposure to art tuition, stints in a provincial studio 'learning on the job', and the 'pilgrimage to London' and more specifically Fleet Street, which in the 1950s was a veritable Mecca for aspiring illustrators. What makes Bellamy's story so particular is his development into a pre-eminent graphic artist creating strips such as Robin Hood, King Arthur, Heros the Spartan, Fraser of Africa, Montgomery, The Happy Warrior, Thunderbirds and Garth. From a relatively staid and unremarkable (yet highly competent) artist to a ground-breaking master of the comic strip, his rise to fame presents not just a fascinating tale about his life and work but also the story of UK comics from what was a golden age through to the influencing of the next generation of comic artists-and creatives in other fields-who would succeed him. Typical of those who fell under Bellamy's spell is Oliver Frey who graces this edition with his introduction to the work of Frank Bellamy.

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