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Code: DEC210712
Expected Cover Price: $3.99

Publisher: DYNAMITE

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Artist: Maine, Daniel

Cover Artist: Musabekov, Madibek

Genre: Horror

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22nd January 2022

In this issue, the evil Vampirella, Bloodwing, and her captive Book at last reach the fabled Library, the final stop before she can carry out her nefarious plan of destroying the Artist and rewriting all of the Vampirellas' realities. But there are still major roadblocks: Book is missing the crucial pages that will lead them directly to the Artist, and an army of Vampirellas from realities far and wide hellbent on stopping her have just arrived at the Library. Will the daughters of Drakulon be able to defeat their psychotic sister and save the threads of the Fabric, or will Bloodwing vanquish them all and reshape their stories in her own glorious, twisted image?

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