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Code: DEC210672
Expected Cover Price: $3.99

Publisher: DYNAMITE

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Artist: Borstel, Marc

Cover Artist: Besch, Rose

Genre: Horror

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22nd January 2022

After meeting Vampirella last issue, Nyx runs into Pendragon! But this isn't the lovable old drunken stage magician Vampirella used to hang out with. No, it's his great-granddaughter, Victoria Pendragon, hunter of monsters and demons...and Nyx happens to fit that description. Especially now that the daughter of Chaos has the supremely powerful occult book, the Crimson Chronicles, which she plans to use to burn away one half of her dual nature. But it's not the human side she wants to keep. Nyx has decided to go full demon...and woe to the world if she succeeds.

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