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Code: DEC201594
Expected Cover Price: $19.99

Publisher: ONI PRESS INC.

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Artist: Elphick, Jake

Genre: Action/Adventure

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22nd March 2021

Ready your engines, it's down to the final racers. And it's still anybody's game. Quellex is determined to make this his most entertaining race of all time, and the drivers are in for more than a few curveballs. With each leg, the stakes accelerate: from pirate brawls to colossal wars to being transported to the far-future--they'll have to move fast before they're ancient history. But with their numbers seriously dwindled, hidden agendas bubble to the surface. In order to live through this, Alyson will have to cast that aside and put the pedal to the metal if she wants to win this race and change her past.

This item is intended for Mature Persons only, and is not suitable for younger readers

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