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Code: AUG211921
Expected Cover Price: $3.99

Publisher: ONI PRESS INC.

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Artist: Cannon, Zander

Cover Artist: Cannon, Zander

Genre: Science Fiction

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19th September 2021

FINAL SEASON! The alien invasion has spread to the tony suburbs of the Nebula of the Eternal Sunrise. Go-Go Space Baby and her crew travel across the time singularity to tidy up the saucers and rake lines in the surrounding buildings before the wealthy citizens' daily lives are impacted, but she starts to realize that her son was adopted by a couple who live locally. Also: Drunken dreams of revenge! Long-forgotten characters! Out-of-context targeting computers! And? Chekhov's full alien-killing arsenal?

This item is intended for Mature Persons only, and is not suitable for younger readers

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