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Artist: Brown, Garry

Genre: Superhero

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2nd October 2021

Dark secrets in the Reign of X! Quentin Quire returns to Krakoa to find a nightmare creature wreaking havoc on his teammates. The only way to battle it is on its own turf. Sweet dreams, Quentin! But what is X-Force hiding? Elsewhere, a local prison riot quickly turns into an escape - and the only ones who can stop it are? a bunch of high schoolers?! The Children of the Atom are on the case! The New Mutants have begun a wild hunt - but someone is looking for friends in all the wrong places, someone else is missing without a trace?and plans that have long been in motion are beginning to unfurl! Meanwhile, Cable's future is coming back to haunt him?and he isn't ready. Yet. Collecting X-FORCE (2019) #18-19, CHILDREN OF THE ATOM #2, NEW MUTANTS (2019) #16-17 and CABLE (2020) #9. Parental Advisory

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