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Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS

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Artist: Llovet, Maria

Cover Artist: Llovet, Maria

Genre: Horror

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14th November 2021

It's the 1960s and Teresa is a young woman who's plagued by prophetic dreams. These dreams lead to a fateful meeting with a burgeoning hippie cult called the Family of the Sun, whose leader claims to have met the divine. Sex, drugs, and blood magic will lead Teresa to the truth about the Family, its enigmatic leader, and the dark secret behind her dreams. Love, destiny, betrayal, lies, and the lengths to which we would go in order to protect the ones we love collide in this new erotica thriller from acclaimed writer and artist Maria Llovet (Faithless, Heartbeat). Collects Luna #1-5.

This item is intended for Mature Persons only, and is not suitable for younger readers

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