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Publisher: DC COMICS

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Artist: Nicoletta Baldari

Cover Artist: Nicoletta Baldari

Genre: Other

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21st May 2022

Andy, like a lot of kids, feels a little lost and out of place when he moves to Gotham. Unlike most kids, he?s less excited about the idea of meeting Batman than he is about seeing his childhood hero, the wrestler Waylon Jones?a.k.a. Killer Croc! If Andy can find him and ask for some wrestling tips, he can have it all. Trouble is, Batman is looking for Andy?s childhood hero, too. In My Buddy, Killer Croc, Sara Farizan and Nicoletta Baldari unite to tell a charming tale of a boy in a new school, his new friends and enemies, and the super-villain who teaches him how to put the bullies in their place.

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