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Code: APR220512
Expected Cover Price: $19.99

Publisher: DYNAMITE

Expected Release Date:

Artist: Cafaro, Giuseppe

Cover Artist: Andolfo, Mirka

Genre: Fantasy

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5th June 2022

"Industry icon MIRKA ANDOLFO presents an all-new vision for the She-Devil With A Sword, in a thrilling new ongoing series! Our story begins in a village on fire, set by members of the dreaded Three-Eyed Shezem. When Red Sonja arrives, the only survivor of the flame is a lively child with curious white tattoos. The child will become Sonja's travel companion, on a journey from hardened ice to imposing forests, where dangerous secrets wait to be revealed... Begin a trailblazing adventure with MIRKA ANDOLFO (Unnatural, Mercy) and incredible artist GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Suicide Squad)! Collects the first 6 isuses along with a complete cover galtey!"

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