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Code: APR211835
Expected Cover Price: $3.99

Publisher: ONI PRESS INC.

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Artist: Cannon, Zander

Genre: Science Fiction

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8th May 2021

FINAL SEASON! The monstrous inmates of both the male and female KAIJUMAX prisons begin their exhausting, filthy, (and unpaid) work battling the three alien armadas who are attacking Earth. Whoofy, the all-powerful leader of the J-pop gang, has opted out of the fight, and remains in the prison for a new reconciliation program that puts him face-to-face with the victims of his gang's rampage thirty years ago. Those victims? The entire city of Chiba. Also: an alien-battling #resistance grift! Giant-size drunks in a giant-size bar! And? there but for the grace of Goj go I?

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