SUBaCOMIC is a trading name of Geek Click Play Ltd, which has been trading since early 2016. The company's owners have been comic book retailers since 2006!

About Geek Click Play Ltd

Geek Click Play Ltd has been trading since early 2016, and also owns the Glasgow comic book shop Red Hot Comics

Our Philosophy

SUBaCOMIC strongly believes in supporting the local economy, and are proud to employ 7 members of staff. We also prefer, whenever possible, to use local suppliers. We have a strong environmental policy, and will reuse and recycle as much material as we are able to. We also endevour to use packing materials that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Where we sell

In addition to our unique subscriptions service, you can also browse our stock here:

▪ SUBaCOMIC.Shop Website

▪ SUBaCOMIC eBay Shop

Red Hot Comics has become well known for providing excellent service to local customers, and all over the globe on the following websites:

▪ Red Hot Comics eBay Shop

▪ Red Hot Comics Amazon Shop

▪ Red Hot Comics website